JavaScript Scrambler []

Light-weight white-space remover.

W3Compiler []

Something to keep an eye out for. Standard-aware, safe tool for code optimization that does selective compression/obfuscation.

JavaScript Crunchinator []

Removes whitespace and comments from JavaScript files and combines literal strings. From BrainJar’s Mike Hall.

ESC (ECMAScript Cruncher) []

This free Windows program is an ECMAScript pre-processor written in jscript. In addition to removing whitespace and comments from JavaScript, it can optionally rename variables in JavaScript. For IE5.5+ Win. From Saltstorm.

JSCruncher []

Based on BrainJar’s specifications, this free Windows application packs CSS and JavaScript files. Requires semicolons. From the DOMAPI project by Darin Kadrioski.

SpaceAgent []

This powerful Windows/Mac web site optimizer optimizes (X)HTML, XML, JavaScript, GIFs, and JPEGs. server version also available. From Insider software, Inc.

VSE HTML Turbo []

Like SpaceAgent, this Mac application optimizes (X)HTML, JavaScript, GIFs, and JPEGs. From VSE Online.

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