Lucid comes with lots of applications. You can browse photos, listen to music, and edit documents. It also comes with an RSS feed reader, some games, a calculator, and a bash-like terminal application. You can install additional third-party applications, which allows you do do even more!

Extremely customizable

Lucid allows you to pick your own theme, panel layout, and more! Themes and wallpaper can be customized, and additional themes can be installed. You can customize your desktop even more by creating/moving panels, and adding applets to panels. The intensity of effects can also be customized, which can be used to disable animations for slower browsers.

Multiple language support

Your locale is automatically detected, and text will appear in your native language. Lucid will even format dates, time, and currency according to your locale. If Lucid does not support your language yet, it will default to English.

Easy-to-use file management

Lucid’s file manager acts like any other file manager. It supports drag-and-drop, and copy/paste. You can upload files, and create folders. You can also double-click a file to open it in an application.

Take your files with you on the go

You can access any files on Lucid from your mobile phone, using the mobile file browser. Just navigate to your installation, and add /mobile/ to the end.

Powerful user management

With Lucid, you can get down to the nitty-gritty when it comes to user management. It has a powerful permissions system that allow administrators to limit features such as administration, cross-site requests, and the ability to login. It also has filesystem quotas, to limit how much disk space a user can use. You can also organize users with groups. Permissions and quotas can be set on a per-user, per-group, or global level, which makes user management simple.

Easy to create applications

Lucid has everything you need to write powerful applications with ease. You can use the built-in IDE to rapidly develop applications from within the desktop itself. The best part is, you don’t have to write a single line of server-side code! Applications can be written completely in javascript using the Dojo Toolkit, and can even have thier own custom widgets.

  • Access your media, office documents, and other files anywhere
  • Stay up to date with Twitter, RSS feeds, and what’s happening on the web
  • Create great web applications in ridiculously short amounts of time



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