News baffled, South Florida mobile phone users learned today of the first casualty in the mobile phone war. The U.S. Computer company, Microsoft, announced Wednesday evening that it would end marketing “Kin”, the phone it launched in April, whose intended target was the young, social networking enthusiasts. “Microsoft has decided to focus on the launching of Windows 7 (OS) & Phone and will not deliver the “Kin” in Europe this fall as planned”, a company spokesman said in a terse statement.”Today, in the United States, we will continue to work with Verizon Wireless (Distributor/Operator) to sell “Kin”", it added.

With this device, aimed at youngsters ranging in age from their teens to their thirties,  Microsoft followed Google’s steps by launching it as a telephone model, hoping to better compete with Apple’s iPhone. But the phone, fitted with less features than most multifunction phones, was badly received by most tech writer specialists. Microsoft said that the “Kin” working team would be integrated into that working on Windows 7 OS, now under development, to “incorporate ideas and valuable technologies for the next innovation wave in the telecommunications field taking place in Redmond


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