This powerfully comprehensive, seven-volume kit provides information and tools IT professionals need for deploying Windows Server 2003?straight from the Microsoft Windows product team.

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Good detail
Unlike most books that start with how to install the product, this book goes into much more detail on how to craft a PKI infrastructure. What documents should be approved by legal and what should be in them. Then, it goes on to describe the proper way to install Cert Server from Microsoft and this is not just run setup. If you have to do a PKI for your company, this is the book to get!

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The only resource you need for Windows PKI
Quite simply the only book you will need if you are planning on implementing a Windows 2003 PKI environment. Everything you need, from deciding your Certificate Authority Hierarchy, down to customising your certificate templates and publishing them in Active Directory is right here.

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Good reference for any Windows administrator or planner
The 2003 performance guide was probably one book that’s worth the price of this entire package. Mark Friedman, the author of Windows 2000 Performance Guide, wrote this book for resource kit. That explained why he never published a follow-up of his famous 2000 performance book. The other books in the kit were also extremely helpful. This is THE set of reference book to get for authoritative Windows 2003 information. Also included is a disc with all the ebook versions of everything, including some bonus books not in the resource kit. So stop Googling for unreliable second hand information, and get your stingy boss to cough up the money for this must have tool.

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Empowering, Clear, and Consise
I have to say that this book is simply amazing. I have searched the longest to clearly understand not just about PKI, but actually how to implement it, and was always referred to tombs of mathematical theory and such. This book demystifies PKI infrastructure in clear and concise explanations (but not overkill though), and has a lot of material on how to practically implement a variety of PKI architectures that can fit small businesses to huge enterprise corporations.

Implementing this stuff involves more than simple button clicking. What I really appreciate is that there are really delves into pre-installation configuration (CAPolicy.inf) and also post installation (publishing AIA/CDP to Active Directory either through command line or graphical snap-in). I’ve looked at other security books that touch on this topic, but they are either/both incomplete or sometimes in areas incorrect. This help set me straight.

The bottom line is that this is indeed the best book on this topic of implementing PKI infrastructure (certificate authorities, etc.) within Windows environment.


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