Zend Server, Zend Server CE and Zend Server Cluster Manager for Linux are provided through DEB And RPM repositories. This has multiple benefits; one of them is the ability to easily create an internal mirror of the Zend Server repositories, using common tools available on virtually all Linux machines.

Why Mirror?

There are several good reasons to mirror a Linux repository, be it the Zend repositories or any other repository. The most simple reason is sheer performance: if you need to install Zend Server on a number of machines, you can save a lot of valuable time by creating a local mirror of the repositories, and using that mirror as your installation source for all servers. You will then be able to download packages at LAN speed, which is blazing fast – even faster than Zend’s Content Distribution Network.

Another good reason is bandwidth conservation – if you work in a large office with limited bandwidth, or if you are charged for excess bandwidth, downloading the repositories once and then distributing packages internally by pointing your package manager to your internal mirror could save huge amounts of bandwidth

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