Apart from the aforementioned services, Nokia also seems interested in the fast growing Netbook segment. We had already known of Nokia’s netbook intentions in the past. However, this time around, Nokia has given reasons for its rather keen interest in this segment. The reason is the convergence of the mobile and the personal computer. Nokia still does not have a concrete plan in place and will be seeing how it can see an opportunity for itself in this market. Additionally, if Nokia does ever eventually join the netbook bandwagon, it would be the first time that a mobile phone manufacturer will “move up” to make computers. All the while, it was PC makers entering the mobile phones segment and not vice versa as noted in this case. Best examples of this would be Acer, HP and Dell.

While Nokia has not laid out any specific plans or a target price range to increase its presence in the low end segment, it is clear why Nokia wants to further consolidate its presence in India. It is already the second largest market for mobile phones in terms of sheer numbers. It is not far behind China which leads the table currently. If that was not all, with over 10 million new subscribers added each month, it is, by far, the fastest growing mobile market in terms of new subscriber additions.

Source: Techtree.com

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