Netman 5.51 can work without installation, so it is a user-friendly and absolutely safe remote control freeware.As user-friendly software Netman can work without installation and behind any firewalls. And the best part is you don’t need any proxy. It is NAT accessible, which enables you to remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet.

As high security software it adopts the DSE encrypt mode generally used by banks which is safe and reliable. You can also set treble password to ensure the safety. Moreover, you can start your computer remotely when it’s needed; log it off when you finish remote working., the controlling speed is fast. Screen Sharing: You can see directly its screen, master its mouse and keyboard, take pictures and record movements of its screen. What’s more, you can also switch over to let your partner control you at any time. High controlling speed and Smooth pictures transformation offer you a supreme experience of remote access.

It provides functions of having computers started and shuted down remotely,desktop sharing(with screen recording), mouse and keyboard remote controlling, instant text messaging & video chatting(you can also make a video record),files transferring/modifying, etc. Also, you can switch sides with partner and show your own desktop to him/her…

With Netman 5.51, you won\’t need to rush back and forth for the files left behind, which will improve your work efficiency remarkably. This application also addresses the needs of people who travel frequently and want to use it from different, always changing computers. With Netman 5.51, you can also fulfill group presentation and demonstration at meeting over the Internet for free. Netman 5.51 has personal version and enterprise version. Personal version is published on the Internet and for free, while enterprise version applies to business management and charges.

Download Free Netman 5.51

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