Orkut, which is by far India’s largest social networking website, has a huge follower base in distant Brazil too. However, in recent times, Facebook has managed to usurp quite a few of Orkut’s dedicated users – thanks to its UI and features. In fact, over the past few months, Orkut has been seeing a dip in traffic both in India and in Brazil while at the same time, Facebook growing rather fast in both these traditional Orkut strongholds.

Now that the alarm bells have started ringing at Orkut, it seems to have come up with a new UI or are at least working on one as seen in a recent screenshot spotted in Brazil. Apparently, Orkut will soon feature an option similar to Twitter-like updates and Facebook Status updates. While we are still unsure if this is a genuine future Orkut UI screenshot, bringing a new UI at this point of time does make sense for Orkut.

source – techtree.com

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