Rubbishing rumors that it will gradually make a graceful exit from the Symbian platform, Nokia has reaffirmed its commitment to Symbian, by far, the world’s leading smartphone OS platform.
In spite of fierce competition from the likes of the iPhone OS, BlackBerry, Android and WebOS, Symbian has still managed to hold on to its lead. However, that lead has been shrinking too fast over the past few quarters. It was in the midst of this that some sections of the media reported about Nokia’s alleged plan to ditch Symbian. Earlier, it was also rumored that Nokia is looking to go the Android way.
As for the rumors of Nokia “leaving” Symbian, and embracing the Maemo platform, which is currently used in some of Nokia’s tablet devices, the company has in a statement said, “We remain strongly committed to our current open OS software strategy for cellular devices, which is based on the world-leading Symbian OS.”
The ditching of Symbian doesn’t makes sense as well, especially at this time, after Nokia purchased the remaining shares of Symbian last year. Besides, Symbian is on its way to become an open source, royalty free operating system. Considering all these, it is a tad premature to say if Symbian can ever be ditched!

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