This software gives you the option to follow your contacts across more than a hundred social networks including Twitter,MySpace,LinkedIn and Facebook. It even supports WordPress and Blogger weblogs.You get notifications,and you can also can make posts,comment and reply to comments.Nomee,however,can be overwhelming at times,andgiven all the services involvedcan be a bandwidth guzzler.But once it gets going,youre in social networking heaven.

There’s nothing else like it.

Not another social network, nomee is where you bring all of your friends and online activity together. Do everything you want, with everyone you want, whenever you want. No bookmarks. No remembering URLs. No ugly RSS feeds. Sleek, sexy, feature-rich and chock-full of social networking goodness. That’s nomee.

Social networking made simple.

nomee is 120+ social networking sites served up in one place. So you can easily find and follow the social networking of friends and celebrities, family and coworkers. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr and more than 100 more. nomee is your entire social community and all of their social media sites.

Follow people not sites.

Whether you’re into microblogging and simply need the best Twitter client and microblogging software, or your social network includes a news feed from dozens of social media sites, nomee is your entire social community. More powerful and fun than any RSS reader, nomee is the social media tool that lets you find and follow friends, music, celebrities, sports, politics and more.

What can nomee do?

The social web has never been simpler. With nomee, you can focus on people, not sites. Find and follow your contacts on over 120 sites. You can even customize what you share by audience. Videos, photos, posts and tweets: nomee is your community, all in one place.

Not another social network.

With nomee, you take control. Follow all of your friends activity right here, even if they don’t use nomee.

Read, post and reply.

It’s like Facebook and Twitter on steroids. Videos, photos, posts and tweets. Everything you’re already doing, all from one place.

Control what you share.

Create unique nomee cards to share with your friends, family, and co-workers. Easily decide what people see with different cards.

Group your favorites.

Create and filter custom groups to your heart’s delight: by friends, interests or anything you want. Even import and manage your Twitter lists, right from nomee.

Be the first to know.

Real-time has never been this timely. With nomee alerts, you instantly get all the updates and never miss a post.

Enjoy a wide reach.

Buzz your brand with a public nomee card so your fans never miss a beat. Embed your card on sites across the web.

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