Opera Software today announced a new partnership with Humax, the global set-top-box manufacturer. With this partnership, Opera Software will provide licenses for the Opera Devices SDK (Software Development Tool Kit) on Humax’s Hybrid set-top box (STB) including HbbTV.

Opera Devices SDK is a documented API (application programming interface) for simpler integration for devices. It is also the most powerful toolkit that can be applied on various devices such as set-top-boxes, connected TVs, mobile Internet devices, IP telephones and media players. The recent upgrade to SDK 3.0 is even better with the following powerful features:

  • A totally redesigned SVG rendering engine, boosting performance up to 10 times and making it possible for cable operators and set-top-box manufacturers to implement shiny new interfaces
  • Improved HTML5 compliance and wider platform support for shorter time-to-market and lower cost to OEMs
  • Enhanced compatibility and simpler integration to manufacturers looking for a HbbTV solution
  • HTML5 video pre-integrated on some platforms
  • Upgraded Content Developer Kit (CDK) to help bring your HTML 5 applications to Opera-powered TVs

Due to the recent rapid growth of the HbbTV and hybrid set-top-box market, Opera Devices SDK is getting bigger and bigger attention in the market.

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