Oracle released the latest version of PeopleSoft Enterprise, a handful of applications designed to help manage workforces and the services they deliver, on Sept. 30.

Those applications within PeopleSoft Enterprise include PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) 9.1, PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools 8.50, PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management 9.1 and PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 9.1. The tweaks to the platform came after feedback from over 150 customers, according to Oracle.

In sum, PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.1 contains 21 solutions, 1,350 new features, 28,000 pages with Web 2.0 capabilities such as chat and discussion forums, and 300 new Web services. Oracle’s design includes dashboards and workbenches with embedded analytics intended to provide a layer of businessintelligence


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