Top 10 Tips for Outlook 2007

The first time you open Outlook 2007 you might be disappointed to see that, on the face of it, Outlook does not display the new ribbon and new interface that you will see in the other major applications in the Office 2007 suite such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Dig a little deeper under the(…)

How to configure Internet E-mail accounts in Outlook 2007

1. Start Outlook. 2. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings. 3. On the E-mail tab, click New. 4. In the Add New E-mail Account dialog box, click Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP, and then click Next. 5. Configure the new e-mail account. You can configure the new e-mail account automatically or manually. •(…)

How to Install Zimbra Software

Log in as root to the Zimbra server and cd to the directory where the Zimbra Collaboration Suite archive tar file is saved (cd /var/). Type the following commands: tar xzvf [zcsfullfilename.tgz], to unpack the file cd [zcsfullfilename] to change to the correct directory. ./, to begin the installation The script reviews the installation(…)

Trixbox quick install guide -install the ISO

Boot a machine with the ISO. We recommend at least a 500MHZ PIII with 256megs of RAM. If you install any Digium hardware into the system it will be configured during the install. Press enter to start the install process. Enter the root password twice this will be the password you use when logging into(…)

Trixbox 2.0 (Asterisk) step by step install guide

Download Trixbox 2.0 ISO image burnt to CD Hardware preparation: * Unplug the power cord from the PC. * Install all hardware, including x100p cards. * Plug an RJ11<>RJ11 cable from one x100p card into line 1 of your connected & working VFX ATA (could be a provisioned PAP2 or a WAG54GP2 or an(…)

How to Install OsTicket – An Open Source Support Ticket System

Installation Process osTicket comes with it’s own web-based installer to help guide you through the installation process without the frustration. While the installer provides step by step guide during the installation process it is important and helpful to have general knowledge about Web servers, PHP and MySQL. Prerequisites To install osTicket, your web server must(…)

How to Install Apache Solr

Requirements Java5 or greater installed A servlet container such as Tomcat, Jetty, or Resin A Solr distribution Setup Stop your servlet container From the solr distribution, copy the solr war to the webapps directory of your servlet container as solr.war From the solr distribution, copy the example solr home example/solr as a template for your(…)

Installing phplist

Installing phplist in a few steps: Unpack the distribution files. Make sure to use “create directories” when unpacking. This will create a directory called phplist-x.y.x where x.y.z is the version you unpacked. In this directory, there will be a directory public_html which contains the directory “lists”. Upload the “lists” directory into a directory that can(…)

How to Install and Configure Zmanda Recovery and Back up Manager (ZRM)

Download :: The community edition (open source ) can be downloaded at Select the latest version. The latest version available at this point is Release 2.0. Download the server and client software [required for backup form remote server] based on the platform. For RHEL 4 enterprise edition download server RPM MySQL-zrm-2.0-1.noarch.rpm April 07 2008(…)

Installing MySQL – A step by Step Guide to Install and configure Mysql Server

After setting up the computer and installing the Web server, you’re ready to install MySQL. You need to install MySQL before installing PHP because you need to provide the path to the MySQL software when you install PHP. But before installing MySQL, be sure that you actually need to install it. It might already be(…)