Palm has made the webOS 1.2 update available via over-the-air download and brought a slew of new features in this update. Earlier this month Palm webOS 1.2 update was leaked with better copy-paste, remote App approval, LED notifications and other features. A major feature in this update is the app purchases support from App Catalog that brings in a slew of fixes.

The new webOS 1.2 update, however, doesn’t bring any new applications and also the beloved iTunes media sync support isn’t fixed this time. Apple broke the Palm Pre media sync support with iTunes 9 release.

With the new webOS 1.2 update, users can now purchase Apps from the App Catalog. For payment, credit card details need to be added via the Preferences and Accounts menu. Also, previously purchased but deleted apps could be re-installed for free after downloading them. A list of feature enhancements and bug fixes added can be accessed here.

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