To specify an IP address, an address from a specific IP address pool, or an address from the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) mechanism to be returned to a remote peer connecting to this interface, use the peer default ip address command in interface configuration mode. To disable a prior peer IP address pooling configuration on an interface, or to remove the default address from your configuration, use the no form of this command.

peer default ip address {ip-address | dhcp-pool | dhcp | pool [pool-name]}

no peer default ip address

Syntax Description

ip-address Specific IP address to be assigned to a remote peer dialing in to the interface. To prevent duplicate IP addresses from being assigned on more than one interface, this argument cannot be applied to a dialer rotary group nor to an ISDN interface.
dhcp-pool Retrieves an IP address from an on-demand address pool. This option only supports remote access (PPP) sessions into MPLS VPNs.
dhcp Retrieves an IP address from the DHCP server.
pool Uses the global default mechanism as defined by the ip address-pool command unless the optional pool-name argument is supplied. This is the default.
pool-name (Optional) Name of a local address pool created using the ip local pool command. DHCP retrieves an address from this pool regardless of the global default mechanism setting.


The following command specifies that this interface will use a local IP address pool named pool3:
peer default ip address pool pool3

The following command specifies that this interface will use the IP address

peer default ip address

The following command reenables the global default mechanism to be used on this interface:

peer default ip address pool

The following example specifies address for asynchronous interface 6:

line 20
 speed 115200
interface async 6
 peer default ip address

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