Scout Realtime  is a open source monitoring tool which will gives you disk, memory, network, CPU, and process metrics. And it gives you smooth-flowing charts for everything.  It is very easy to install and configure. You need Ruby 1.9.3+ on your server to run scout_realtime and you need a public IP or domain name to view scout_realtime in your browser.


How to Deploy Scout Realtime

  • On the server you want to monitor:
    • install the gem: gem install scout_realtime
    • start the daemon: scout_realtime start
  • On your local computer:
    • create an SSH tunnel to your server: ssh -NL 5555:localhost:5555 user@ip_or_hostname (where user@ip_or_hostname is the same as you usually use to SSH to your server)
    • Point your browser to http://localhost:5555

When you’re done, you can stop the daemon with: scout_realtime stop

See Scout Realtime in Action

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