RoboForm is an application designed to help you manage online identities, passwords and generally speaking, automatically fill all online forms that require personal data, logins and passwords.

All your personal data, passwords, logins, etc., will be securely stored and you won’t have to worry about remembering dozens of user names and passwords. All data is stored in secure ‘passcards’ protected by encrypted passwords (encryption algorithms: DES, 2DES, AES, Blowfish, RC6). You have the option of creating strong passwords using the password generator, in case you feel uninspired.

The program stores your form completion data divided into three sections: the ‘Logins’ section stores your user names and passwords, the ‘Identities’ section will store personal data such as name, phone numbers, business information, banking information, addresses, etc. You can store small protected text in the ‘Safenotes’ section too.

The program handles check boxes and radio buttons and supports about 20 languages. The new Search field in the toolbar makes finding and accessing any information quick, and we appreciate support for hot keys. Besides returning matching logins and other RoboForm entries, the search box will offer to search Google, Yahoo, and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for your term. RoboForm will save active Web users a lot of time.

Key Features of RoboForm 6.10.1 :

  • Manage your passwords and Log In automatically.
  • Fill long registration and checkout forms with one click.
  • Encrypt your passwords to achieve complete security.
  • Generate random passwords to maximize password strength.
  • Fight Phishing by entering passwords only on matching web sites.
  • Defeat Keyloggers by not using the keyboard to type passwords.
  • Back up your passwords and copy them Between computers.
  • Synchronize passwords between computers using GoodSync.

RoboForm Password Manager is:

  • Portable: RoboForm2Go runs from USB key, no install needed.
  • . Phone-friendly: sync your passwords to Windows Mobile and Palm.
  • . Universal: works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox.
  • . IE 8, IE 7 and Vista are fully supported.

Download Free RoboForm 6.10.1

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