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How to make video calls in Facebook

Facebook recently started video calling ,  To make a video call you have to set it for the first time.  I will explain you how to make video calls in Facebook in a step by step Guide. Just go to the below given facebook link and click on start as shown in the below screenshot.(…)

How to whitelist your Domain for sending Mail

It is very important to white list domain for sending mails, otherwise all your mail will go to the spam folder. The guide lines are available with all major email service providers like gamil,yahoo, hotmail etc. Here i am going to list a few important points by which you can avoid your mails to go to spam(…)

How to Track performance with HTTP Archive

Here come one of the best tool to track your website performance.The HTTP Archive is possible through the support of these sponsors: Google, Mozilla, New Relic, O’Reilly Media, Etsy, Strangeloop, and dynaTrace Software. HTTP Archive generates regular reports illustrating trends such as page size and Page Speed score of the top pages on the web. Interested(…)

How to add additional storage to your AWS server – A step by step Guide

To add additional storage to your AWS server 1)      Stop the instance on which you want to add additional hard disk space. Right click on instance and select CREATE IMAGE . 2)      Give description for image. 3)      Go to snapshots and select CREATE VOLUME FROM SNAPSHOT. 4)      Give size of the volume , zone of(…)

How to change Time zone in Virtual Dedicated Server Godaddy

You cannot change the time zone of  Virtual Dedicated Server in Godaddy hosting, But there is one exception to this, You can run a cron job to set the time zone. i did the same by doing the following commands first open corntab by typing crontab -e then add this line 0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36,39,42,45,48,51,54,57 * * *(…)

How to improve your security when using Google products

Here are some ways to improve your security when using Google products: Enable 2-step verification. This Gmail feature uses a phone and second password on sign-in, and it protected some accounts from this attack. So check out this video on setting up 2-step verification. Use a strong password for Google that you do not use on any other(…)

How to Make financial comparisons easy with Google Advisor

Financial decisions may be some of the most difficult decisions we face—whether it’s finding the right credit card or understanding the impact of paying an extra point on a mortgage. And these days, it seems like we have more financial options than ever. Google Advisor is designed especially to help you make these difficult financial(…)

How to Work offline with Cloud9 on Google Chrome

Cloud9 is an online IDE for JS, Python, PHP and Ruby development. By placing all your code in the cloud, you can access your code anywhere, anytime and on any device. But what if you’re not online? Working with web applications offline has been a difficult problem to solve. Traditional web applications required all the(…)

How to Measure page load time with Google Analytics – A step by step Guide

Here is a good news for all the web site Owners as Google introduced a mechanism in Google Analytics to measure the page load time for each pages.  When you use a page speed add-on in your browser, it will give a load time based on your internet as well as other factors. The new Google feature(…)