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How to Monitor all filesystem modifications under Linux System

After loading this kernel module you can monitor all file system alterations by simply typing: Code: cat /dev/fsysmon It’s original purpose was to feed a daemon with data but nevertheless I found it to be even more useful as a standalone project. Download:. Requirements: – Kernel 2.6 with Enabled Support for Security Modules. The(…)

How to Install PHP 5 on FreeBSD

In the past there were several ports for PHP such as /www/mod-php5, /lang/php5-cli, and /lang/php5. Since the release of PHP 5.1.14 there is now only /lang/php5 This port now allows you to choose if you want to install the CLI, CGI, and Apache module. CLI stands for command line interpreter. It is used for running PHP(…)

Bing rings up search gains, dinging Google, Yahoo

Microsoft Corp.’s souped-up Internet search engine gained a little more ground on industry leaders Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. in July, according to data released late Monday. Despite the progress, Microsoft’s search engine still remains a distant third in the United States — the main reason that the world’s largest software maker plans to team(…)

How to check if a server is hacked

The first step is to look at rkhunter and see if it reports anything that is bad. If rkhunter reports that the server has been rooted it is probably going to best to reimage the server once the method of intrusion has been determined. Download and unzip rkhunter —–command—– cd /usr/local/src/ wget tar -zxf(…)

Scientists have developed a new operating software for condition monitoring (CM) systems

Scientists have developed a new operating software for condition monitoring (CM) systems that are used to monitor machines remotely, which can be adapted for use with various types of facility without the need for manual programming. CM systems monitor machines remotely, with sensors mounted on the equipment feeding continuous measurements back to a control box,(…)

Air Force used Twitter to track NY flyover fallout

As the Pentagon warns of the security risks posed by social networking sites, newly released government documents show the military also uses these Internet tools to monitor and react to coverage of high-profile events. The Air Force tracked online messaging service Twitter, video-sharing site YouTube and various blogs to assess the huge public backlash to(…)

How to configure Linux Software Raid using mdadm on Ubuntu

Hybrid RAID implementations have become very popular with the introduction of inexpensive RAID controllers, implemented using a standard disk controller and BIOS (software) extensions to provide the RAID functionality. The operating system requires specialized RAID device drivers that present the array as a single block based logical disk. Since these controllers actually do all calculations(…)

Google map showed certain areas of Arunachal Pradesh as being parts of China.

Google, the popular search engine, on Saturday conceded to have erroneously depicted some areas of Arunachal Pradesh as being parts of China following a processing of routine update of new map data on the Google Earth. It stated the mistake would be rectified soon. “Earlier, this week, as part of routine update to Google Earth,(…)

Blogger blames Russia for attack on Facebook and Twitter

A blogger who was targeted in a coordinated attack against websites such as Facebook andTwitter has told the BBC that he blames Russia for the assault. According to a report by BBC News, the pro-Georgian blogger, known as Cyxymu, said he had been targeted for “telling the truth about the Russian-Georgian war” in his writings.(…)

Some of the Best Practices For Using MySQL Index

The table used in this case is a user subscription table. Generally this table keeps records of users’ subscription details: which topic they subscribed, when they last viewed their topics subscribed, who last replied a topic and when, when a default subscription will be expired (not used currently). Formerly we  wanted to use multiple tables.(…)

How to Enable Remote Access To MySQL Database

This is a pretty useful trick for all the database admins and controllers. 1. Find my.cnf file. If you don’t know about it, go and search in this path If you are using Debian Linux file is located at /etc/mysql/my.cnf location If you are using Red Hat Linux/Fedora/Centos Linux file is located at /etc/my.cnf location(…)