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How To Configure a Syslog Server

WinSyslog is an enhanced syslog server for Windows. It serves the same purpose as a Unix Syslog daemon. It is an integrated, modular and distributed solution for system management.  Network administrators can continuously monitor their systems and receive alarms as soon as important events occur.  Syslog is a standard protocol for centralized reporting of system events.(…)

How to turns old PC into Firewall

IPCop Firewall is a well known Opensource Linux distribution built to protect Home and SOHO networks from hackers and potential intruders on the Internet. IPCop can run a old PC and can be installed and be operational within minutes. Please click here for more information on the Hardware compatibility list. Installation is fairly straight forward. Involves downloading(…)

How to Turn your Wireless Router into a hotspot

CoovaAP is an OpenWRT-based firmware designed especially for HotSpots. It comes with the CoovaChilli access controller built-in and makes it easily configurable. CoovaAP is perfect for just about any HotSpot application – from WPA Enterprise (with RADIUS accounting) to Free WiFi with Terms of Service acknowledgment to commercial HotSpot captive portal applications. Use the embedded(…)

How to Recover / Change Your MySQL Root Password

Sometimes you may have to recover the MySQL root password because it was either forgotten or misplaced. The steps you need are: 1) Stop MySQL [root@bigboy tmp]# service mysqld stop Stopping MySQL: [ OK ] [root@bigboy tmp]# 2) Start MySQL in Safe mode with the mysqld_safe command and tell it not to read the grant(…)

How to I configure SSL for secure https transactions?

What is SSL? CubeCart can run under a combination of http and https which allows you to send sensitive data such as credit card numbers and other private information between the client computer and server. To setup your store to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) you will first need an SSL certificate. Many hosting companies will(…)

How to Install Pligg Content Management System

Requirements: Basic FTP skills PHP 4.3.0 or higher MySQL Database   Create a mysql database. If you are unfamiliar with how to create a mysql database, please contact your web host or search their support site. Please pay careful attention when creating a database and write down your database name, username, password, and host somewhere.(…)

Why copy software illegally if you can get it for free?

However, for most people, let’s be honest, illegally copied software is very common. Copying Adobe Photoshop instead of buying it probably doesn’t let you have nightmares. But are you really confident that you won’t ever have trouble for that? Not so sure, huh… Software makers are progressing and finding more and more ways to track(…)

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheets – The ultimate collection

This is a compilation of approx 70 cheat sheets for Linux users. There are a grip load of commands that Linux users have at hand which can seem very daunting to a novice. This collection will make Linux just a little less of a headache to learn. Suggestion: Look through all of them and then(…)

How to Install SquirrelMail on Unix and Linux systems

Any version numbers used in these examples are specific to the time when this documentation was written. You should generally use the most up to date versions of all software involved. That is, if there are newer versions of these packages available now, you’ll probably want to substitute the newer numbers in the examples below.(…)

How to create a sitemap for PHPBB Forums

Here you can download and install sitemap for your phpbb forum sites. The sitemap download link and installation instruction is given below. Installation: 1) Download and decompress: (931 Bytes) Downloaded 44 times 2) If Your PHPBB3 Forum is installed in the root folder, for instance at then skip “a” a) modify the $folder or(…)