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How To Install Apache 2.0/PHP 4.3 and MySQL 5.0 on Redhat

• Uninstall previous versions of apache and mysql • rpm -e httpd mysql • Download and install RPM packages of MySQL’s server, client and dynamic shared libraries from do not opt to change the password on MySQL database unless you know what you’re doing (I don’t). If requested at first installation attempt, download the(…)

Apache 2 and PHP Installation

I first used httpd-2.0.43 and php-4.3.0 with RedHat 7.3. I am now using httpd-2.2.3 and php-5.2.0 with SUSE 10.1. Note: If you have problems with PHP and think it’s a recent bug, you may want to consider using the latest snapshot. Beware that snapshots frequently have regression and are not for production use. Usually(…)