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How to Install Postfix On Ubuntu/Debian

apt-get install postfix libsasl2 sasl2-bin libsasl2-modules libdb3-util procmail Now the beautiful blue screen will appear and Postfix will ask you some questions. Answer as follow: General type of configuration? <– Internet SiteMail name? <– Then run: dpkg-reconfigure postfix Again, you’ll be asked some questions: General type of configuration? <– Internet SiteWhere should mail for(…)

How to Install Krusader in openSUSE

Krusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander. It provides all the file management features you could possibly want with features like extensive archive handling, mounted filesystem support, FTP, advanced search module, an internal viewer/editor, directory synchronisation, file(…)

Advantages of Social Bookmarking – Free list of Top 100 Social Bookmarking Networks.

Three core advantages to making sure your own website is bookmarked: Social Bookmarking websites drive qualified traffic because more and more consumers use them as “trusted” search engines that delivers better results than Google or MSN. Social Bookmarking your website will increase your link popularity, because search engines “index” the pages within these sites, and will see(…)

Top 10 Web sites for students

If you want to a see a blank look on a student’s face, ask him about the Dewey Decimal library classification system. For better or for worse, the Internet often becomes an alternative to a library’s card catalogs. But how can you trust what you read on the Web? “Frankly, this is my main concern,(…)

Liquid Computing to challenge Cisco

Taking on a mega corporation with over 65 000 employees and $8.5 billion in annual sales may seem a daunting challenge, but unified computing shop Liquid Computing has Cisco in its sights, according to The Register. Virtualised servers with unified server and storage management, plus scalable and reconfigurable infrastructure, all controlled through out-of-band system management tools, were supposed(…)

How to setup a MySQL replicating cluster

Be sure your mysql servers are running the same version before starting this guide, yes, is possible to have a few combinations of master-slave versions, for more information about this you can check: 1 – Write down which is the setup you are going to do, which server is master and which server/s will be slave.(…)

Scientists have developed a new operating software for condition monitoring (CM) systems

Scientists have developed a new operating software for condition monitoring (CM) systems that are used to monitor machines remotely, which can be adapted for use with various types of facility without the need for manual programming. CM systems monitor machines remotely, with sensors mounted on the equipment feeding continuous measurements back to a control box,(…)

Will HTML 5 Will Leave Video in the Air ?

HTML 5 — the next generation of the language that defines the World Wide Web — has made great strides in the way browsers handle media. Rather than utilizing proprietary technologies like Flash or Silverlight, HTML 5 will implement audio and video tags that provide multimedia content outside the existing frameworks. For all its progress,(…)

How to run a POP3 server on a Red Hat Linux host

Do you need to run a POP3 server on a Red Hat Linux host? Red Hat Linux includes the UW-IMAP server package, which includes the ipop3d server. This package is well supported, and enjoys continuing development. Unfortunately, the POP3 server portion of the UW-IMAP server is not well documented. It is easy to setup, though. This setup(…)

How To build an application that uses libmemcached library.

To build an application that uses the library, you need to first set the list of servers. You can do this either by directly manipulating the servers configured within the main memcached_st structure, or by separately populating a list of servers, and then adding this list to the memcached_st structure. The latter method is used in the(…)

How Data Expiry happens in memcached

There are two types of data expiry within a memcached instance. The first type is applied at the point when you store a new key/value pair into the memcached instance. If there is not enough space within a suitable slab to store the value, then an existing least recently used (LRU) object is removed (evicted) from the(…)

How to allocate memory within memcached

When you first start memcached, the memory that you have configured is not automatically allocated. Instead,memcached only starts allocating and reserving physical memory once you start saving information into the cache. When you start to store data into the cache, memcached does not allocate the memory for the data on an item by item basis. Instead, a(…)