How to Install Licenses on the Access Gateway – Citrix – NetScaler

Before the Access Gateway can be configured to support user sessions, the appliance must be licensed. The Access Gateway Universal license enables the appliance to support a specific number of concurrent users. The total number of concurrent user sessions on the appliance cannot exceed the license count defined in the Access Gateway Universal license. When(…)

How to stop or restrict robots – Apache webserver

Ever wondered why so many clients are interested in a file called robots.txt which you don’t have, and never did have? These clients are called robots (also known as crawlers, spiders and other cute names) – special automated clients which wander around the web looking for interesting resources. Most robots are used to generate some(…)

Information about SIP,MGCP,H.323,SCCP for Configuring PIX/ASA 7.x

SIP SIP inspection NATs the SIP text-based messages, recalculates the content length for the SDP portion of the message, and recalculates the packet length and checksum. It dynamically opens media connections for ports specified in the SDP portion of the SIP message as address/ports on which the endpoint should listen. SIP inspection has a database(…)

How to Publish Configuration Manager Site Information to Active Directory Domain Services

Before Configuration Manager can publish site data to Active Directory Domain Services, the Active Directory schema must be extended to create the necessary classes and attributes, the System Management container must be created, and the primary site server’s computer account must be granted full control of the System Management container and all of its child objects. Each site publishes its own site-specific information to the System Management container within its domain partition in the Active Directory schema.

Windows Registry Hacks

This document assumes working knowledge of the Windows Registry. It is possible to render your computer useless by incorrectly modifying the Registry. Caution is advised… Settings pertaining to Windows NT will say Win NT. All others refer to Win9x 1.    Remove unwanted items from Control Panel | Add/Remove programs 2.    Changing Icons for Desktop Items(…)

How to change ethernet card settings – Linux

Here’s some scenario wherein your network card seems to fail. At times, it shows you statistics of sending but not receiving packets, or it is physically connected but show you that the linkis not present at all. If you are sure that it is not driver or cable issues related, below are pointers of changing(…)

50 quick linux command tips part 2

As root 1. How to have a stop watch scenario from command line terminal? # time cat Press Ctrl+C 2. How to measure the time of executing any executable command? # time firefox wait 5 seconds and close the application 3. How to CD to a user’s home directory? # cd ~userhome 4. How to(…)

50 quick linux command tips

1. How to you change file ownership and chown files recursively? # chown user:user folder -R 2. How to view queued mail in sendmail or postfix? # mailq 3. How to show which alternative binary program does your machine executes first? # alternatives –display program-name 4. How to create public/private rsa key pair? # ssh-keygen(…)

How to display linux memory information

Issue these commands to get more details of your hardware memory. # cat /proc/meminfo # free -l Here’s what I have: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MemTotal: 1034748 kB MemFree: 105860 kB Buffers: 162688 kB Cached: 132020 kB SwapCached: 18908 kB Active: 709068 kB Inactive: 160420 kB HighTotal: 130848 kB HighFree: 260 kB LowTotal: 903900 kB LowFree: 105600 kB(…)

How to enable and disable of telnet service

The telnet command is used to communicate with another host using the TELNET protocol. If telnet is invoked without the host argument, it enters command mode, indicated by its prompt ( telnet>). In this mode, it accepts and executes the commands listed below. If it is invoked with arguments, it performs an open command with(…)