Tips to Avoid Spyware and Virus’s

Pay Attention and Read The biggest problem is that most people do not bother to read the fine print, which is where a lot of companies can get you. Taking the extra 30 seconds to read the fine print can save you hours and hundreds of dollars (which would be spent fixing the computer). First(…)

How to Lightning Speed Big Claws

Who gets tired of Thunderbird and Evolution mail client software? How about, “You’ve Got Claws Mail!” Do you want to try a new GTK+-based lightweight but heavy duty email client for linux? Let’s give Claws a shot. What is Claws? Claws Mail is an email client (and news reader), based on GTK+, which offers a(…)

How To Limit Denial of Service Attacks to Sendmail

Whenever a sendmail receives SMTP request and connection from a remote host, it spawn’s a new copy of itself to deal with incoming mail messages. This approach makes it useful for sendmail to process multiple incoming mails simultaneously. However, the nature of linux application always comes with a trade off thing. This issue of spawning(…)

How To Get SSH Users With Most Failed Login Attempts via Terminal

Bash-enabled linux SSH accounts are one of the sweetest and enticing server aroma for a SSH port attacket to get one from a server being managed by somebody else. Here’s a quick post on how to list down the SSH user accounts with most failed SSH login attempts. Get Most Attacked SSH System Accounts SSH(…)

How to configure Cisco SPAN Ports

The following example will demonstrate how to configure a single SPAN session on a Cisco Catalyst switch. The specifics are different between different switch models, so be sure to check the Cisco documentation. You must first configure source ports. Source ports are ports whose data will be copied, and sent to the destination, or SPAN(…)

How to Configure and build bonding in Linux

Most popular distro kernels ship with the bonding driver already available as a module and the ifenslave user level control program installed and ready for use. If your distro does not, or you have need to compile bonding from source (e.g., configuring and installing a mainline kernel from, you’ll need to perform the following(…)

The step-by-step procedures to Building an Intel PC

First the core component: the CPU I am going to need is to decide first of all on what I am using this PC to accomplish. That has already been said… it is my server. But, what will it serve on the network? In my case it will supply loads of hard drive space, it(…)

What is open source technology

In a word, open source is collaboration. More specifically, it’s public collaboration on a software project. IBM has committed to open source in a big way with contributions to more than 120 projects, including more than $1 billion in Linux® development. According to the Open Source Initiative (OSI), it can be defined this way: “Open(…)

How to install Step by Step Guide to Installing a New Printer in Windows XP

When installing a new printer with the Add Printer Wizard, you can choose between adding a local printer (one that’s directly cabled to your computer through one of the ports) or a network printer (a printer that’s connected to your network with an Ethernet connection, just as your computer is connected to the LAN). To(…)

List of Free Antivirus software for windows Vista/XP/2003/2000

Avast Free antivirus avast! 4 Home Edition is a full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for come users and non-commercial use. Both of these conditions should be met! Our company offers the Home Edition free of charge, since, in our opinion, it is possible to avoid global virus spreading by efficient prevention; however, many users are(…)

How to Increase productivity on slow internet connections

If you have a slow internet connection or are still using dial-up, here are some tips to increase the speed of internet browsing and sending or receiving email: Compress email attachments: Compressing your file attachments can dramatically reduce the time needed to send and receive emails.  WinZip is one of the more common compression tools,(…)

How To Install FreeNas

Introduction FreeNAS is an open source popular software appliance package that can turn a computer into a NAS appliance, or in easier terms: a file server. This guide shows the basic steps to prepare a server for use in a diskless LTSP environment. This document is correct as of FreeNAS v0.67.1. Full documentation on installing(…)