Google Chrome Powered by Chromium

Why has Google named its web browser Chrome? Its because the technology that powers Google Chrome is Chromium, an open-source project, and a powerful platform for developing a new generation of web applications. Chromium doesn’t have an extension system as yet, but supports NPAPI-style “plugins”, such as Adobe Flash and Apple QuickTime. They are releasing all(…)

How to configure the PIX/ASA Firewall to block IM services

In many cases, it is necessary to block connectivity to Instant Messaging (IM) services, such as AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and ICQ. In order to accomplish this, block the ports that those clients use. Ports used by IM services are dynamic. You can block the IP addresses and the port numbers used by(…)

How to configure Cisco SPAN Ports

The following example will demonstrate how to configure a single SPAN session on a Cisco Catalyst switch. The specifics are different between different switch models, so be sure to check the Cisco documentation. You must first configure source ports. Source ports are ports whose data will be copied, and sent to the destination, or SPAN(…)

How to Configure and build bonding in Linux

Most popular distro kernels ship with the bonding driver already available as a module and the ifenslave user level control program installed and ready for use. If your distro does not, or you have need to compile bonding from source (e.g., configuring and installing a mainline kernel from, you’ll need to perform the following(…)

Howto: Protect account against a password cracking attack

Usually most Linux and UNIX system use a password for authentication purpose i.e. to verify your identity. If your password is obtained using cracking attack, your data, computer, and network comes under attack. Therefore, you must protect your self from a password cracking attack. => Use shadow and Message-Digest Algorithm (MD5) passwords. => Make sure root(…)

Outlook Web Access Architecture & How OWA works

Outlook Web Access Architecture How OWA works The client issues a HTTP request using browser using URL. The DNS resolves the request and forward to the IIS server. The HTTP request flows across the network to the IIS server. Exchange registers itself with IIS as a valid application, so when a request is received byHTTP(…)

Basic configuration of Outlook Express

The basic configuration of OE are as under : • Creating new e-mail • Reading e-mails • Working with address book • Using folder for organizing e-mails Creating or composing Mails 1. On the toolbar, click the Compose Message button. A new message window will appear. 2. In the To box, type the e-mail address(…)

How to Set up E-mail account in Outlook Express

1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express 6 by clicking on the desktop icon or clicking Start>Programs>Outlook Express. Continue to Step 2 2. A screen will pop up s. Just type you Full Name and press Next. 3. Here you will type your Windows UserName and then “” 4. Then for “Incoming Mail Server” type “” For(…)

Exchange 2003 dial tone database restore method

Suppose one day your large mailbox store get corrupt, then it will take a large amount of time to restore it from backup. Using dial tone database restore method you allow users to connect to a new blank or empty mailbox store and then restore the database from backup. Creating the Dial-tone Database To create(…)

How to Restore Exchange server

Restoring Exchange server is used when there is a database failure or server failure. Proper steps are required to be followed to bring the server and database online. You can restore Exchange database using NT BACKUP utility. But to restore Exchange database the database must be offline. Online restoration is not possible in Exchange server.(…)

Exchange backup types and Steps .

Online backup When Exchange Server 2003 performs an online backup, all services, including the exchange store, continue to run normally throughout the backup process. This allows users to continue to use their mailboxes during a backup process, whether the backup is incremental, differential, or full. Offline backup Offline backup is not a recommended solution. To(…)

HOWTo replace AD+Exchange with Samba+Zimbra

This HOWTo describes how to configure Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) and Samba to act as a primary domain controller (PDC) that uses LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) as a central password database for authenticating users on Linux and Windows desktops. The motivation behind this document is the need to seamlessly integrate ZCS into corporate network(…)