An Introduction to Basic IPv4 Routing

All of the operations considered in this article are operations upon a router, whether that router is a Linux box or Cisco dedicated hardware or some other type of machine. In this chapter I consider the traditional methods of IPv4 routing as using static configurations that are manually input by the network administrator. 1.1 Traditional(…)

How to use Grep command – Linux Popular Command

Grep is by far the most popular command that exists in Unix. Though some may argue about that, but once you begin using grep, it would always be present in all your complex commands that you think of executing at the shell prompt. grep stands for ‘global regular expression printer‘ . Which makes no sense(…)

A Quick Guide To Install SUBVERSION

Subversion depends on a number of third party tools and libraries.Some of them are only required to run a Subversion server; others are necessary just for a Subversion client. This section explains what other tools and libraries will be required so that Subversion can be built with the set of features you want

How to run a PHP script on cron

Lots of programmers like PHP for its ability to code and develop web applications fast. Code-debugging is a lot easier than with PERL or C. However, there is one thing a lot of developers are puzzled about, “How to run PHP Scripts with crontab?” Cron is normally available on all Unix and Linux distributions; if(…)

How to install BIND 9.3.0 on a clean Fedora Core 2 system

In retrospect this was surprising (since we had not requested any DNS software during the FC2 installation procedure – FC2 install was kind enough to do it anyway) and perhaps we should have removed this version before installing since we ended up with -in our view – an incomplete installation. We may have had a complete install if we had done this – maybe not. We issued the following command to upgrade the installation:

How to Monitor Network Services with TCP Wrappers in Linux

Most Linux distributions ship with tcp_wrappers “wrapping” all your TCP services. A tcp_wrapper (known as /usr/sbin/tcpd) is invoked from/sbin/inetd instead of the real service, such as telnet or ftp. tcpd then checks the host that is requesting the service and either executes the real server or denies access from that host. tcpd allows you to restrict access to your tcp services. You should make(…)

How To Check, Repair & Optimize All Tables in All Databases

Here is a simple command to auto repair, check and optimize all the tables in all databases running on a MySQL server: mysqlcheck -u root -p –auto-repair –check –optimize –all-databases mysqlcheck is available in MySQL 3.23.38 and later. mysqlcheck uses the SQL statements CHECK TABLE, REPAIR TABLE, ANALYZE TABLE, and OPTIMIZE TABLE in a convenient(…)

What the sg driver does?

The sg driver permits user applications to send SCSI commands to devices that understand them. SCSI commands are 6, 10, 12 or 16 bytes long [1]. The SCSI disk driver (sd), once device initialization is complete, only sends SCSI READ and WRITE commands. There a several other interesting things one might want to do, for(…)