How to install Openswan – A VPN solution based on SSL

Openswan began as a fork of the now-defunct FreeS/WAN project, and continues to be released freely under the GNU General Public License. Unlike the FreeS/WAN project, it is not developed exclusively for the Linux operating system.

How to Transfer data between linux and nokia Nseries

So you have a phone with a camera and an mp3 player, and now you would like swap data between it and your linux computer. There are a couple of ways of going about it. These should work, or at least give you a good start on a lot of phones (not just the Nseries),(…)

Apache HTTP Status Codes

The HTTP status code can provide some insight into the types of operations surfers are trying to attempt and may help to isolate problems with your pages, not the operation of the Apache. For example 404 errors are generated when someone tries to access a web page that doesn’t exist anymore. This could be caused by incorrect URL links in other pages on you site. Table 20-4 has some of the more common examples.

How to Use the file command

The file command is provided by the package sys-apps/file, so if you don’t already have it installed, you’ll need to type emerge file. Chances are you’ve already got it on your system though. To use file simply type file filename and you’ll see information about the filename you passed in. Simple right?

How to disable ping response – Linux

Usually a ping is used to check if a machine is up and to check the network status. It is a small network packet sent to the machine. If the machine is up, an answer will be sent. The time needed to get the answer is called ping time or round-trip time. The ping response(…)

How to Install RoundCube WebMail

Roundcube webmail is modern webmail solution which is easy to install and configure. Roundcube webmail runs on a standard PHP/MySQL configuration. The skins use the latest web standards such as XHTML and CSS. The roundcube project includes open-source classes/libraries like PEAR and the IMAP wrapper from

How to Increase PHP Upload Limits

There are times that we are limited on uploading files and images to certain web-based services that we are managing along our duties. Here’s a quick how to on increasing your PHP file upload directive.

How to check google analytics tracking code on web pages

Google Analytics will itself check to see that the tracking code has been installed correctly on the home page of your site – once you’ve created a new profile, the Tracking Status will display a warning, “Tracking status unknown,” until the system detects the code. If you used a WYSIWYG (“What you see is what(…)

How to Publish Configuration Manager Site Information to Active Directory Domain Services

Before Configuration Manager can publish site data to Active Directory Domain Services, the Active Directory schema must be extended to create the necessary classes and attributes, the System Management container must be created, and the primary site server’s computer account must be granted full control of the System Management container and all of its child objects. Each site publishes its own site-specific information to the System Management container within its domain partition in the Active Directory schema.

How to send email via CLI

Here are a few ways on how to send email using terminal – CLI mode. We are going to use mail command, as root: # mail -s “test email” -c -b This would send a blank email with “test email” as its subject. The email would be send to with CC(…)