How to list out opened host ports in Linux

Opened host ports are usually the most non-physical direct way of forcing entry remotely. Here you would see several tools and ways how to list out your currently opened ports from your managed linux box. Let’s view our first attempt to list out those opened and used ports. # netstat -panut | grep LISTEN We(…)

Windows Registry Hacks

This document assumes working knowledge of the Windows Registry. It is possible to render your computer useless by incorrectly modifying the Registry. Caution is advised… Settings pertaining to Windows NT will say Win NT. All others refer to Win9x 1.    Remove unwanted items from Control Panel | Add/Remove programs 2.    Changing Icons for Desktop Items(…)

Windows Registry Tips

Change the default application install path Change the default Win2000 install path A warmer welcome Tell Win2000 where to find the service pack files Remove Unwanted programs from Add/Remove Programs Open My Computer icon in Explorer view Keep the Print Spooler service from displaying dialog boxes Stop Print Job Logging in the Event Log Disable(…)

How to Install and Configure Subversion

Setting up a repository: svnadmin create /usr/local/svn/newrepos Import files into repository: svn import /import/dir file:///usr/local/svn/newrepos/projectname -m “comment” List files in a repository tree: svn list file:///usr/local/svn/newrepos/projectname svn ls #while in sandbox svn ls -v # verbose Checkout a directory: svn checkout “http://host:port/path” svn co http://host:port/path svn checkout file:///path/to/repos svn checkout file:///localhost/path/to/repos svn checkout svn+ssh://host/path/to/repos Check(…)

How to Install, configure and applying Sysprep to clone a hard drive – Windows

Basic steps: – Install OS (WinNT or 2000) on your Master build PC – Install Apps and configure PC – Run Sysprep (with the optional sysprep.inf file). You run Sysprep from a command line. – Shut down the PC – Run your PC imaging software (usually from a bootable disk) to create a disk image.(…)

Tips and information about Windows 2000 Group Policies.

What are Group Policies? Group Policies are settings that can be applied to Windows computers, users or both.  In Windows 2000 there are hundreds of Group Policy settings. Group Policies are usually used to lock down some aspect of a PC.  Whether you don’t want users to run Windows Update or change their Display Settings,(…)

How to format a windows partition from linux hadrdisk

First step is to make sure your windows partition is not currently mounted.Let’us use an alternative way like # df -ah which shows file system disk space usage. Sample result ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 17G 13G 3.7G 78% / proc 0 0 0 – /proc sysfs 0 0 0 –(…)

How to stop spammer sending email using squid

Have you spotted your squid log files of any spammer attempts trying to send email from squid port?Well, one dirty way of checking your squid logs of these spammer attempts trying to send emails using tunnelled SMTP via squid port. # cat /var/log/squid/access.log* | grep ‘\:25′ Here’s a few line samples: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1179265950.734 0…)

How to add multiple ethernet IP address using your single ethernet card

Do you need to setup IP aliasing or multiple ethernet IP address using your single ethernet card? Here are the steps to do that: First requirement, you will be needing a working ethernet network interface card. Say your first ethernet is eth0 and has an IP address of . Issuing # ifconfig eth0 would(…)

50 quick linux command tips part 2

As root 1. How to have a stop watch scenario from command line terminal? # time cat Press Ctrl+C 2. How to measure the time of executing any executable command? # time firefox wait 5 seconds and close the application 3. How to CD to a user’s home directory? # cd ~userhome 4. How to(…)

50 quick linux command tips

1. How to you change file ownership and chown files recursively? # chown user:user folder -R 2. How to view queued mail in sendmail or postfix? # mailq 3. How to show which alternative binary program does your machine executes first? # alternatives –display program-name 4. How to create public/private rsa key pair? # ssh-keygen(…)