Fedora 9: How to Increase PHP Upload Limits

There are times that we are limited on uploading files and images to certain web-based services that we are managing along our duties. Here’s a quick how to on increasing your PHP file upload directive. Fedora 9: Increase PHP Maximum Upload Filesize Backup and modify /etc/php.ini to have a similar lines as shown below upload_max_filesize(…)

Fedora 9: How to Install SquidGuard Proxy Filter

SquidGuard is a URL redirector and content filter addon that restricts proxy clients from accessing particular and/or banned site(s), IP addresses, URLs, website patterns using the proxy server.  SquidGuard can be used in conjunction with Squid proxy to implement website content filter from the proxy server. Here’s a run down on how to install and(…)

How To Configure Sendmail for DNS-based Blacklisting

As soon as a host connects to SMTP port running a sendmail MTA, sendmail can also be configured to check and block IP addresses of incoming emails that are found to be listed on one or more DNS blacklists. This is possible by configuring sendmail directive dnsbl or DNS blacklists. During the SMTP handshake and(…)

How To See Invisible YM Users using Linux

Yahoo messenger from Yahoo! is one of the most commonly installed messenger on windows-based desktop systems, besides from MSN messenger, which comes as a default windows messenger from windows OS. In Linux world, there are variety of all around chat/voice messengers available. From the default GNOME GAIM messenger, now known as Pidgin, there’s also Kopete(…)

How To Check Squid Logs for Possible Tunnelled STMP via HTTP Injection

If MTAs are gettings smarter and better each new stable releases, spammers are also keeping up with them. Email spammers tend to undergo adaptive learning process from these commonly laid out standard and advanced email defense and antispam mechanism. If antispam features of MTAs are getting more centralized, effective and efficient, email spammers too are(…)

How To Enable Control Power Saving Mode for AMD Processors

Is your desktop being powered by Fedora? Does AMD Athlon/Duron processors powers your system? Here’s a quick tip on how to have management and control over your AMD Athlon/Duron powered processors using Fedora 9. Athcool is a small utility, enabling/disabling Powersaving mode for AMD Athlon/Duron processors.  By installing Athcool into you desktop, you can benefit(…)

How to Monitor Your Laptop’s Remaining Battery Time and Usage

Another dockable application that keeps track of your laptop’s battery usage. Most common feature in windows world is keeping track of laptop’s battery usage. This is also supported in Fedora Linux and comes with more feature. WmACPI also supports how long your laptop is running on battery mode, including the remaining batter charges shown time(…)

How to Execute Script When Network Interface Goes down

Both on Linux and Windows world, we get used to a lot of things. This attitude of getting used to the world around us at times, shower us some attitude of just-accept-that and do-not-complain. Getting down to network connectivity, at times, we are just used to plug the cable and wait for it network card(…)

How To Enable IP Forwarding in Linux

By installation default, Linux distribution such as Redhat, CentOS, White OS, and Fedora comes with IP Forwarding disabled. The reason for this is that default linux installation, whether desktop or server, does not consider a default OS installation of forwarding IP packets and request by default, as the linux OS is not fully aware of(…)

How To Mount Remote Folder Location Via SSHFS

File transfers between hosts can be secured by using SSH protocol. Transferring files from current to remote location can easily be done from terminal using the scp linux command. However, it would be more convenient to have those remote folders and files be mounted locally from our own drive and access them locally using a(…)

How To Delete Linux Files Older Than 360 days

Searching files recursively for deletion can be real exchausting specially if the target files are queried by their file age. Recursive searching in all linux distribution can be done by using linux find command as find linux command makes recursive searches real easy. Find command is so powerful that it can actually boosts file management(…)

How To Prevent Alt+F1 and Alt+F2 TTY Console Login Attempts

Linux multiple consoles are easily accessible from keyboard combinations by simply by hitting Alt+F1 for first TTY console, Alt+F2 for second TTY console up to sixth (Alt+F6) TTY consoles. This console easily brings you linux tty login consoles. If for some reasons you wish to restrict and prevent any TTY console login attempts with your(…)