How to Configure Redundant or Backup ISP Links with ASA/PIX 7.x

This document provides an example of how to use the static route tracking feature on the PIX 500 Series Security Appliance or the ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance in order to enable the device to use redundant or backup Internet connections. In this example, static route tracking allows the security appliance to use an(…)

How to configure PIX/ASA Security Appliance 7.x with syslog

syslog is a standard for forwarding log messages in an IP network. The term “syslog” is often used for both the actual syslog protocol, as well as the application or library sending syslog messages .

Syslog is a client/server protocol: the syslog sender sends a small (less than 1KB) textual message to the syslog receiver. The receiver is commonly called “syslogd”, “syslog daemon” or “syslog server”. Syslog messages can be sent via UDP and/or TCP. The data is sent in cleartext; although not part of the syslog protocol itself, an SSL wrapper can be used to provide for a layer of encryption through SSL/TLS.

How to install Snort – network intrusion prevention and detection system on Sun Solaris 10

This document describes the process of setting up a Snort network intrusion prevention and detection system on Sun Solaris 10 (SPARC). We will be using Barnyard for processing events to send to a database (to utilize BASE or another SIM product). This guide will go over both PostgreSQL and MySQL database output configurations for the sensor, and PostgreSQL for a separate example BASE console. The sensor configuration(…)

How to redirect your 404 error to a custom page

A 404 error message is the standard HTTP standard response code which is returned when the visitor cannot communicate with the server. This is a very common error on the web and it occurs when you are trying to visit a page which has either been deleted or has been moved somewhere else. For example,(…)

How to list out opened host ports in Linux

Opened host ports are usually the most non-physical direct way of forcing entry remotely. Here you would see several tools and ways how to list out your currently opened ports from your managed linux box. Let’s view our first attempt to list out those opened and used ports. # netstat -panut | grep LISTEN We(…)

How to enable and disable of telnet service

The telnet command is used to communicate with another host using the TELNET protocol. If telnet is invoked without the host argument, it enters command mode, indicated by its prompt ( telnet>). In this mode, it accepts and executes the commands listed below. If it is invoked with arguments, it performs an open command with(…)

How to take Linux backups powered by Rsync

RSync backups data and does it very clean and well. Rsync only transfers those data that have been modified and changed so that the destination host has an exact replica from the source host. Rysnc is a command line backup tool that handles data transfers in an effective and secure manner like any other known(…)

How to Install and Configure MRTG

The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. MRTG generates HTML pages containing PNG images which provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic. MRTG is basically used for generating graphs to a device, network host, IP-based appliances for monitoring usage, live data and statistics usage. This(…)

How to secure router or ADSL modem?

This article written on 20/09/2008 by Dinesh Suryavanshi, Sometimes we ignore little details, which is a bad thing – because others can use our negligence against us.Most routers and ADSL modems come with a web interface that is used to control and configure the device. The administration panel is accessed with a web-browser, and it(…)

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Evaluator’s Guide

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Windows Internet Explorer 8 is the next version of the world’s most popular browser that optimizes developer and end-user experiences to provide a window to the Web of online services. Moreover, Internet Explorer 8 offers new features and functionality that enable customers to reach beyond the page in more(…)

How to Extremely Powerful Linux Password Sniffer

Password Sniffer on Linux? Yep, we all need to be informed of passwords being sniffed out! I would not entail those details and cover specific issues of identifying your network securities as that would be large enough to be covered here and case to case basis. However, those two words are being mentioned here and(…)

How To See Invisible YM Users using Linux

Yahoo messenger from Yahoo! is one of the most commonly installed messenger on windows-based desktop systems, besides from MSN messenger, which comes as a default windows messenger from windows OS. In Linux world, there are variety of all around chat/voice messengers available. From the default GNOME GAIM messenger, now known as Pidgin, there’s also Kopete(…)