How To Allow and Deny SSH Access To Specific Users

From recent SSH post entry of restricing SSH access to specific IP address and computer hosts, we now move on to restrict SSH port and SSH connection to specific or particular users. As a requirement, an existing SSH server should be currently installed and running. If not, simpl install openssh server rpm package and start(…)

How To Enable IP Forwarding in Linux

By installation default, Linux distribution such as Redhat, CentOS, White OS, and Fedora comes with IP Forwarding disabled. The reason for this is that default linux installation, whether desktop or server, does not consider a default OS installation of forwarding IP packets and request by default, as the linux OS is not fully aware of(…)

How To Install VirtualBox on Fedora 9

VirtualBox has been recently bought by Sun Inc, the maker of Sun’s Java. VirtualBox had proven to do their job when it comes to operating system virtualization. Virtualization using Virtualbox had come to a long way, which enabled every virtual users and system admins to further evaluate different virtual machines to perform its task without(…)

How To Change User’s Password in Linux

When creating new user accounts under linux, new users are given with unassigned password fields, represented by double !! marks. The field format of /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files in linux OS have been covered previously here. If you wish to change a user password, read on. Change User’s Default Password in Linux If you have(…)

How To Download MetaCafe/Google Video/YouTube Videos From Terminal

Recently, we have covered downloading of youtube videos from command line terminal here using youtube downloader called youtube-dl . Now, here’s an alternative that download’s video from many video websites like Google Video, Metacafe, Sevenload including YouTube and saved it as MP4 video file. Introducing Clive Video Downloader Clive is a linux video extraction terminal(…)

Linux Software: Backup Solutions

The following is a selection of Linux backup solutions. Applications with free versions (indicated as [Free]) are listed before commercial programs. Note: Freeware and GNU Library General Public License often come with restrictions. Users should check copyright and licensing statements from the developers. afbackup [Free] afbackup is a client-server backup system allowing many workstations to(…)

How to Choose One Linux Distributions

While there are certainly many versions (“distributions”) of Linux to choose from, picking one that is right for you can be straightforward as long as you know your needs and are willing to do some research. – The balance act: Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat and Fedora Linux, Mandriva Linux, and SuSE Linux offer reliability, flexibility,(…)

Linux, the Ultimate Unix – Advantages

Low cost: You don’t need to spend time and money to obtain licenses since Linux and much of its software come with the GNU General Public License. You can start to work immediately without worrying that your software may stop working anytime because the free trial version expires. Additionally, there are large repositories from which(…)

Mystery of the Dropping Google ‘O’

How can you break the Google logo and make Google drop an ‘O’. Well someone decided to have fun with Google search and found the search operators which could achieve this Google hack. SEOmoz explains how it is possible After doing any kind of search, you can append the “num=100” parameter to the query string(…)

Step by step Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) setup in Vista

Vista lets you share your Internet connection with other computers on your network. Logically enough, the feature that lets you do this is called Internet Connection Sharing, which gets abbreviated to ICS. ICS can be a great way of saving time and money: instead of needing a modem and a phone line (or a DSL(…)

Checklist for SQL mail configuration

You must have a mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook) installed on the computer that runs SQL Server. Use the Corporate or Workgroup option for Microsoft Outlook 2000 (Microsoft Outlook 2002 does not have the Corporate or Workgroup option). To select the option, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then double-click the Mail Services(…)