How to improve performance quickly & easily in Windows Vista

If you’re one of the people that still hasn’t been able to figure out how to tune an installation of Windows Vista for performance (and you call yourself an IT Professional?  <grin>) we’ve made it pretty straight forward for you with this basic guide on “Performance & Tuning” for Windows Vista. Windows Vista and SP1(…)

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Evaluator’s Guide

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Windows Internet Explorer 8 is the next version of the world’s most popular browser that optimizes developer and end-user experiences to provide a window to the Web of online services. Moreover, Internet Explorer 8 offers new features and functionality that enable customers to reach beyond the page in more(…)

How to Install Windows Vista from a high speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive

WHY INSTALL FROM USB FLASH DRIVE? Why would someone want to install a client OS from a thumb drive instead of a DVDROM or over the network?  One reason:  Performance.  Installing Windows Vista from a high speed USB flash drive is in my experience the easiest & fastest way to complete a Windows Vista install.  This is much(…)

How to Extremely Powerful Linux Password Sniffer

Password Sniffer on Linux? Yep, we all need to be informed of passwords being sniffed out! I would not entail those details and cover specific issues of identifying your network securities as that would be large enough to be covered here and case to case basis. However, those two words are being mentioned here and(…)

How to Lightning Speed Big Claws

Who gets tired of Thunderbird and Evolution mail client software? How about, “You’ve Got Claws Mail!” Do you want to try a new GTK+-based lightweight but heavy duty email client for linux? Let’s give Claws a shot. What is Claws? Claws Mail is an email client (and news reader), based on GTK+, which offers a(…)

How to Install Ioncube PHP Encoder/Decoder

Are you a PHP geek coder by profession or by hobby? Do you ever wish to hide your PHP source codes but still sell it to the market without even buyers having to view your PHP source codes? If your intention is to hide PHP codes of your work and still distribute it, read on.(…)

How to Install FFMpeg on Fedora Linux

FFMpeg is a complete and free Internet live audio and video broadcasting solution for Linux/Unix. It also includes a digital VCR. FFMpeg can encode in real time in many formats including MPEG1 audio and video, MPEG4, h263, ac3, asf, avi, real, mjpeg, and flash. FFmpeg can generate a lot of different types of multimedia files(…)

How to uninstall Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) is an important update for Windows Vista. Windows Vista SP1 contains many reliability and usability updates for Windows Vista. After you install Windows Vista SP1, you may notice that a hardware device or an installed program works differently. Therefore, you may want to uninstall Windows Vista SP1 as a(…)

Howto: Install PHP on Windows 2003 Web Edition

1) Download latest version of PHP from 2) Unzip contents to c:php 3) Copy all files from c:phpdlls to c:windowssystem32 4) Copy all files from c:phpsapi to c:windowssystem32 5) Copy c:phpphp.ini to c:windowsphp.ini 6) Open IIS, and add a “Web Service Extension” 7) Call the extension “PHP” 8) set the path as c:windowssystem32php4isapi.dll 9)(…)

How to Root-Lock Your Desktop Screen

Am sure you have heard a lot of insecurities of running root as the default login user with GNOME or X. Maybe some Fedora users feel more in control of their system when running root as their default login user. Problem is, you cannot lock your desktop screen when you logged on as root. Here’s(…)

How to install Filezilla 3.0

As we all know, Filezilla has been around for quite some time and had proven to be very stable, flexibile and reliable FTP linux application – with multiple major features a FTP user is seeking for. Filezilla does not only transfer files using the traditional file transfer mode, but it makes use of multi-threading live(…)

How to Fix No Flash Sound Issue with Firefox 3.0

Are you wondering why after a successful Fedora 9 Adobe Flash installation still produces a no sound issue with your Firefox browser? How to fix a no sound issue with flash-enabled websites? Why Firefox 3 with adobe flash installed gives a no sound issue even your sound card works fine? Here’s a quick tip on(…)