Sendmail: How To Queue Mails based Server Load Average

There has been a lot of web debates and arguments which STMP email server works better, safer and faster. Not to discredit any other SMTP armies on the field, but I do often hear people debating about how difficult for them to configure Sendmail on time. Probably sendmail should be repackaged with a little teaspoon(…)

How To See Invisible YM Users using Linux

Yahoo messenger from Yahoo! is one of the most commonly installed messenger on windows-based desktop systems, besides from MSN messenger, which comes as a default windows messenger from windows OS. In Linux world, there are variety of all around chat/voice messengers available. From the default GNOME GAIM messenger, now known as Pidgin, there’s also Kopete(…)

How to verify firewall ACLs and router rule sets using Linux

Core routers and firewall gateways are usually comprised of basic and extended access control lists including rule sets that define local network security level and control access. They are commonly implemented on gateway routers restricting hosts, protocols and port access to other host or networks located after their default gateways. Basically, routers and default gateways(…)

How To Enable Control Power Saving Mode for AMD Processors

Is your desktop being powered by Fedora? Does AMD Athlon/Duron processors powers your system? Here’s a quick tip on how to have management and control over your AMD Athlon/Duron powered processors using Fedora 9. Athcool is a small utility, enabling/disabling Powersaving mode for AMD Athlon/Duron processors.  By installing Athcool into you desktop, you can benefit(…)

How to Enable Support for Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS on Laptops

Fedora repo supports a wide variety for desktop, server and laptop rpm packages. One of them is APMD rpm package. APMD is a set of programs for controlling the Advanced Power Management daemon and utilities found in most modern laptop computers. APMD can watch your notebook’s battery and warn users when the battery is low.(…)

How to Monitor Your Laptop’s Remaining Battery Time and Usage

Another dockable application that keeps track of your laptop’s battery usage. Most common feature in windows world is keeping track of laptop’s battery usage. This is also supported in Fedora Linux and comes with more feature. WmACPI also supports how long your laptop is running on battery mode, including the remaining batter charges shown time(…)

How to Execute Script When Network Interface Goes down

Both on Linux and Windows world, we get used to a lot of things. This attitude of getting used to the world around us at times, shower us some attitude of just-accept-that and do-not-complain. Getting down to network connectivity, at times, we are just used to plug the cable and wait for it network card(…)

How To Setup and Install Robusts and Highly Configurable BackupPC

Considering the high-end rising PCs and storage capacity nowadays, it is now practical and cost effective to do backup management and administration to server’s local or network storage disk, not like decades ago where you would buy a very costly tape backup drive to backup small enteprise scaled data. This is where we cover BackupPC.(…)

How To Connect and Transfer Music Files from PC to Apple Ipods Files using Fedora

iPod is a popular brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Inc. With the current line if IPods, worldwide Apple IPod users get to listen from their favorite music and sounds files stored from their very own personal Apple Ipods, As IPods comes as a music portable storage and media player, it(…)

How To Increase Squid’s Cache Directory Swap Size

At times, granted a high-end server capacity and resources with large disk and memory capacity, increase squid’s disk cache size is highly adviseable. With higher disk cache size, you provide a higher amount of disk space to be used by squid on caching web files. Increase Squid Cache Directory Swap Size With default Squid rpm(…)

How To Limit Denial of Service Attacks to Sendmail

Whenever a sendmail receives SMTP request and connection from a remote host, it spawn’s a new copy of itself to deal with incoming mail messages. This approach makes it useful for sendmail to process multiple incoming mails simultaneously. However, the nature of linux application always comes with a trade off thing. This issue of spawning(…)

How To Install An Extremely Fast, Lightweight, But Feature-riched Multi-Tab File Manager

Powerful linux file managers have been around for quite long time. They have revolutionized how file management can easily be done inside Linux X. This has been possible with the continuous stable development of Linux X features and stability. Current file managers have offered a lot of feature-rich and powerful file manager intuitive interface and(…)