How To Allow and Deny SSH Access To Selected Hosts and IP Addresses

With default OpenSSH installation, SSH allows access to any clients. This retriction can be configured to allow SSH access only to certain hosts and IP addresses to decrease unauthorized SSH login attempts to known and particular computer hosts and IP addresses only. SSH Access Restrictions via TCP Wrapper Step One 1. Backup and modify /etc/hosts.allow(…)

How To Add and Install Alternative Liberation Fonts

Fedora project endorses liberation fonts. Fedora encourages to install liberation fonts as one of alternative linux fonts that also comes with Fedora installer images. By default X installation, liberation fonts are installed by default. The Liberation Fonts are intended to be replacements for the three most commonly used fonts on Microsoft systems namely Times New(…)

How To Install Adobe Flash Player 10 in Fedora

Adobe had release the latest flash player version 10. If you currently have a lower version, it is adviseable to install the latest release as it fixes some issues with the lower version. Install Flash Player 10 Step One Using Fedora, it is important to uninstall the lower Flash Player version. To remove old flash(…)

How To Allow and Deny SSH Access To Specific Users

From recent SSH post entry of restricing SSH access to specific IP address and computer hosts, we now move on to restrict SSH port and SSH connection to specific or particular users. As a requirement, an existing SSH server should be currently installed and running. If not, simpl install openssh server rpm package and start(…)

How To Enable IP Forwarding in Linux

By installation default, Linux distribution such as Redhat, CentOS, White OS, and Fedora comes with IP Forwarding disabled. The reason for this is that default linux installation, whether desktop or server, does not consider a default OS installation of forwarding IP packets and request by default, as the linux OS is not fully aware of(…)

How To Mount Remote Folder Location Via SSHFS

File transfers between hosts can be secured by using SSH protocol. Transferring files from current to remote location can easily be done from terminal using the scp linux command. However, it would be more convenient to have those remote folders and files be mounted locally from our own drive and access them locally using a(…)

How To Install VirtualBox on Fedora 9

VirtualBox has been recently bought by Sun Inc, the maker of Sun’s Java. VirtualBox had proven to do their job when it comes to operating system virtualization. Virtualization using Virtualbox had come to a long way, which enabled every virtual users and system admins to further evaluate different virtual machines to perform its task without(…)

How To Install PHP5 and Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP server is responsible for most web servers around the world. It empowers most longest running web servers around the WWW. While PHP5 is web development tool you could use to run along with Apache web servers. Here’s a quick and easy way to install Apache and PHP5 on your Fedora boxes. To install(…)

How To Install Fedora 9 From The Internet

Fedora 9 Linux OS can be installed from many variety of ways. There are a lot of Fedora ISOs you can download depending on your system architecture and resources. One of which is that Fedora 9 can be installed via the internet. Here’s how to install Fedora 9 from the internet. Fedora 9 Installation via(…)

How To Kill Application Process ID (PID) The Faster Way

At times, we need to kill an application immediately for some reasons. Sending a termination signal to a process rehups and kills a process ID (PID). This can easily be done in several ways. Here are many alternatives way on killing PIDs. Kill A Process ID Traditionally, with X installed, one can install a taskbar(…)

How To Install TuxPuck Reflexive Mouse Game

Most PC games that are available today require user skills to be analytical, logical and skillful attacking the opponent in many various ways using a wide array of keyboard key combination commands. Here’s a very simple, easy, reflexive and addicting linux game that you can install into your PC desktop to atleast kill time while(…)

How To Monitor Linux System Latency

Latency monitoring can also be done in linux specially in Fedora. Latency is a big part of monitoring ethics as the latency is always being checked, not only between two hosts but also from inside the server itself. Here’s a quick post on how to monitor system latency from your linux box. What is LatencyTop?(…)