An Introduction to Basic IPv4 Routing

All of the operations considered in this article are operations upon a router, whether that router is a Linux box or Cisco dedicated hardware or some other type of machine. In this chapter I consider the traditional methods of IPv4 routing as using static configurations that are manually input by the network administrator. 1.1 Traditional(…)

An introduction to VPN -vpn white paper

The Virtual Private Network – VPN – has attracted the attention of many organizations looking to both expand their networking capabilities and reduce their costs. The VPN can be found in workplaces and homes, where they allow employees to safely log into company networks. Telecommuters and those who travel often find a VPN a more(…)

How to Mount a Windows Shared Folder on Linux with Samba

Installing Prerequisites If you are running on Ubuntu or another Debian distribution, you can install the required software by simply running the following command from a terminal prompt: sudo apt-get smbclient smbfs Testing the Connection Now that you have the right tools installed, it’s time to test the connection to the Windows or Samba box(…)

How to Boost performance by a good partitioning scheme

Although a PC used for writing doesn’t need to be a high-performance computer, its performance can be improved by a good partitioning scheme. The biggest boost comes from my Paging partition on drive H, which is found on my second physical disk. I use this partition to boost performance in the following ways: Move the(…)

How to verify that PHP is running on your box

To verify that Apache and P HP  are installed and running, first point a browser to the host on which they are installed and verify that the browser can view the apache test page. To verify that the PHP is runing and operating correctly, create the following script placing the same on the web folder.(…)

How to Enable PEAR on OS-X XAMPP

The current, OS-X version of XAMPP comes with PEAR but it’s not installed/configured. Here is what you need to do: sudo su – [and type admin password] /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/lib/php/pear install PEAR /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/lib/php/pear install Log /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/lib/php/pear list The last command outputs the list of installed pear modules. Log should be one of them. Once you configure pear(…)

How to Install PECL Memcache with XAMPP and PHP4

XAMPP is an absolutely wonderful, packaged, self-contained distribution of apache, mysql, php and tons of hard-to-install php extensions. Not only does it make sysadmin’s life easier, by solving 99.9% of LAMP problems out-of-the-box, but it also allows PHP-vendors to create packaged distributions of complex systems. However, even with a long list of packaged extensions, obviously(…)

How to Install and Configure CVS Server on Ubuntu – A version control system

Version control is the art of managing changes to information. It has long been a critical tool for programmers, who typically spend their time making small changes to software and then undoing those changes the next day. But the usefulness of version control software extends far beyond the bounds of the software development world. Anywhere you can find people using computers to manage information that changes often, there is room for version control