How to create Bonding in Linux Server

Linux allows binding multiple network interfaces into a single channel/NIC using special kernel module called bonding. “The Linux bonding driver provides a method for aggregating multiple network interfaces into a single logical “bonded” interface. The behavior of the bonded interfaces depends upon the mode; generally speaking, modes provide either hot standby or load balancing services. Additionally,(…)

How To Configure a Computer Running Windows Server 2003 As a Web Server

Install Internet Information Services Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is the Web service that is integrated with Windows Server 2003 To install IIS, add optional components, or remove optional components, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, point to Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs. The Add or Remove Programs tool starts. 2.(…)

How to Set permissions for folders and files In Windows Xp

If you have multiple computers connected to your home network and have enabled file sharing, you can open and access files located on other computers on the network. Being able to share files makes computing a lot more flexible for everyone using the network. If you have your files stored on your home office desktop(…)

20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration

First, make sure you’ve installed latest security patches There is no sense in putting locks on the windows, if your door is wide open. As such, if you’re not patched up there isn’t really much point in continuing any longer on this list. Go ahead and bookmark this page so you can come back later,(…)

Top 10 Tips for Outlook 2007

The first time you open Outlook 2007 you might be disappointed to see that, on the face of it, Outlook does not display the new ribbon and new interface that you will see in the other major applications in the Office 2007 suite such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Dig a little deeper under the(…)


With the growth of the Internet, e-mail has quickly become the main vehicle to spread information through the public at large. As the demand for fast, cheap and reliable e-mail grows, more individuals are turning to Linux to provide a fast, cheap and reliable solution. sendmail was originally developed by Eric Allman, in 1979, as(…)

How to Install and Configure VMWare Server virtualization in openSUSE

VMware Server is a free virtualization product for Windows and Linux servers. VMware Server is a robust yet easy to use server virtualization product and is based on proven virtualization technology. VMware can run on any standard x86 hardware and can support 64-bit guest operating systems including Windows Linux and Sun Solaris. VMware server can(…)