After you use the configure script, Apache is ready to be compiled. A set of files assists Apache during the compilation process. One such file is the config.status file. This file is created automatically when you run the configure script. However, if this file exists, it is overwritten when you specify the ./configure command.

The config.status file is an executable file that contains the last command that you used to run the configure script. The contents may vary based on how you used the configure script. This script can be executed for restoring your configuration. If you used a ./configure command similar to the one I used, the contents of this file will be somewhat like what’s shown on the next page.

##  config.status -- APACI auto-generated configuration restore script
##  Use this shell script to re-run the APACI configure script for
##  restoring your configuration. Additional parameters can be supplied.

./configure \
"--with-layout=Apache" \
"--prefix=/usr/local/apache" \
"--server-uid=www" \
"--server-gid=www" \
"--htdocsdir=/opt/web/html" \
"--cgidir=/opt/web/cgi-bin" \
"--enable-module=most" \
"--enable-shared=max" \

As you can see, all the options specified with ./configure appear in this file.

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