To function as a proxy, a NetScaler a uses a variety of IP addresses. The key NetScaler-owned IP addresses are:

• Mapped IP address (MIP). The MIP is used for server-side connections. It is not the IP address of the NetScaler. In most cases, when the NetScaler receives a packet, it replaces the source IP address with the MIP before sending the packet to the server. With the servers abstracted from the clients, the NetScaler manages connections more efficiently.

• Virtual server IP address (VIP). A VIP is the IP address associated with a vserver. It is the public IP address to which clients connect. A NetScaler managing a wide range of traffic may have many VIPs configured.

• NetScaler IP address (NSIP). The NSIP is the IP address for general system and management access to the NetScaler itself.

• Subnet IP address (SNIP). When the NetScaler is attached to multiple subnets, SNIPs may be configured for use as MIPs providing access tothose subnets.

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