Vuze is a large software product that offers a smorgasbord of features (most of which you may never use). You can play any media in Vuze, including HD videos. You can play music, and run most any media in this product. Apparently, you can also use Vuze to run media on your iPhone, Xbox, or PSP.Vuze is very popular, and you’ll want to give Vuze a try for a couple days and decide for yourself if this powerful product fits your style of downloading and viewing media.

When you install the program, you’re faced with an interface that will be instantly familiar to iTunes users. In providing a general overview of their torrents and media playback controls, the new layout emphasizes user-initiated searches.

The Advanced tab has been replaced by My Library. The old Azureus is now completely gone, but because of the demands of users, Vuze 4.0 is much closer to the intent of its progenitor than Vuze3.1 was. A simple, three-step guide that launches when you start Vuze helps you get acclimatized to the new Vuze. There’s still work to be done: memory usage is up around 100MB, and although you can set up private trackers, you can’t customize the search box. People new to torrenting or only interested in sharing media files might appreciate this visually active approach.

Key Features of Vuze 4.5:
1) Find the video you want -

  • Discover HD videos on the Vuze HD Network
  • Find content from across the web with powerful meta-search

2) Download fast

  • Download and stream from the Vuze HD Network, or download any torrent file
  • Download quickly and efficiently with intelligent bandwidth, queue and speed management

3) Play on all your screens

  • Sit back and savor the high-quality entertainment experience
  • Now on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Download Free Vuze 4.5

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