In this episode we discuss:

  • Tracking online conversions and success for small, local, businesses
  • Tracking the number of times a visitor converts in one visit
  • How the e-commerce conversion rate can be greater than 100%
  • How you can change the duration of Google Analytics campaigns
  • How you can differentiate between paid and organic search in Google Analytics
  • What is the recommended % balance between branded and category terms
  • Why is time spent 0 for visits with 1 page/visit
  • Why unique visitor numbers are higher than visits
  • How visits and unique pageviews are calculated
  • Would survey and qualitative help measure “engagement” ?
  • How to best track mailto: links on your site
  • What are the best practices for using virtual pageviews, event tracking and custom variables?
  • How to see dimensions and metrics by location
  • Where to find custom variables reports Google Analytics

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