SQL Server 2008 provides the highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability for your business-critical applications. To take advantage of new opportunities in today’s fast-moving business world, companies need the ability to create and deploy data-driven solutions quickly. SQL Server 2008 reduces time and cost of management and development of applications.

Access data from across your enterprise and provide control over your data no matter where it’s stored—from the largest servers within the data center to desktops to mobile devices. SQL Server 2008 provides a comprehensive platform that delivers intelligence where your users want it. Information workers can access data directly using the tools they use every day, such as the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

SQL Server 2008 enables data to be consumed from custom applications developed using Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio and from within service-oriented architectures (SOA) and business processes through Microsoft BizTalk Server.

SQL Server 2008 Top New Features
Enterprise Data Platform

Policy-Based Management

Performance Data Collection (Data Collector)

Data Compression

Resource Governor

Transparent Data Encryption

External Key Management / Extensible Key Management

Data Auditing

Hot-Add CPUs and Hot-Add Memory

Streamlined Installation

Server Group Management

Upgrade Advisor

Partition Aligned Indexed Views

Backup Compression

Extended Events

Dynamic Development

Grouping Sets

MERGE Operator


Change Data Capture

Table-Valued Parameters

ADO.NET Entity Framework and the Entity Data Model

Synchronization Services for ADO.NET

CLR Improvements

Conflict Detection in Peer-to-Peer Replication

Service Broker Priorities and Diagnostics

ADO.NET Data Services

Beyond Relational

Spatial data with GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY data types

Virtual Earth Integration

Sparse Columns

Filtered Indexes

Integrated Full-Text Search


Large User-Defined Types (UDTs)

Large User-Defined Aggregates (UDAs)

DATE / TIME Data Types

Improved XML Support


Pervasive Insight

Fixed Query Plan Guides (Plan Freezing)

Star Join Query Optimization

Enterprise Reporting Engine

Report Builder Enhancements

Improving Rendering for Microsoft Office® Word and Excel

Partitioned Table Parallelism

IIS Agnostic Report Deployments

Persistent Lookups

Analysis Services Query and Writeback Performance

Best Practice Design Alerts

Analysis Services Dimension Design

Analysis Services Time Series

Data Profiling

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