Category filtering allows you to block ads in certain sensitive categories from appearing on your site. Our system classifies ads automatically and we don’t rely on advertiser-provided categorization.

Right now, category filtering is supported in a limited set of languages. When you block a category, ads in that category will be blocked in all supported languages, regardless of how the ads are targeted to your pages.

You can block ads from the following categories:

You can block ads from the following categories:

  • Cosmetic procedures and surgery: Includes lifts, suctions, lasers, hair removal and restoration, tattoos, and body modification.
  • Dating: Includes dating services and online dating communities.
  • Drugs and supplements: Includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and related retailers; does not include resources providing information about drugs.
  • Get rich quick: Schemes promising fast earning.
  • Politics: Includes politics or controversial social issues; does not include ads for news organizations that are not generally associated with a partisan viewpoint on issues.
  • Religion: Includes religious ads and ads advocating for or against religious views; does not include astrology or non-denominational spirituality.
  • Ringtones and downloadables: Mobile add-ons including ringtones, and other downloadable goodies such as screensavers and wallpapers for desktop PCs and profile layouts and graphics for social networks.
  • Sexual and reproductive health: Includes sexual function and fertility ads; does not include normal pregnancy resources.
  • References to sex & sexuality: Includes ads that are sexually suggestive, ads relating to sexual and reproductive health and ads that refer to sex and sexuality.
  • Video games (casual and online): Includes video games, online games and downloadable games; does not include video game consoles.
  • Weight loss: Includes weight loss, dieting, and related products and programs; doesn’t include healthy eating or general fitness ads.

Our technology will make its best attempt to filter ads from the categories above; however, we don’t guarantee that it will filter every related ad. If you see that an undesired ad has shown, please block that individual ad or advertiser using the Competitive Ad Filter or using the allow and block features of the Ad Review Center.

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