The Cisco StackWise technology provides an innovative method for collectively using and extending the resourcesof a stack of units. Up to nine switches can be joined together to create a single switching unit with a virtual 32-Gbpsstack interconnect. Furthermore, the entire stack can be managed as one unit with a single IP address. To the rest ofthe network, the stack operates as a single switch. With a unified management interface, the customer can with onecommand load a single image to all compatible switches on the stack. Cisco StackWise technology is optimized forGigabit Ethernet deployment bringing customers new levels of performance through the high speed interconnect,resiliency through advanced failover mechanisms and ease of use through automated configuration and a singlemanagement interface.

Because of the Cisco StackWise technology, the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series is highly scalable. There can be up to 252Gigabit Ethernet ports in a stack. Switches within the stack can be added and removed without affecting user networkaccess. New devices get the global configuration from the stack master, and replacement devices get the exactconfiguration of the old device. There is one configuration file with all stack member configurations

Its innovative design sets the bar of availability in stackable switches. It supports link and switch level redundancy.
The Cisco Catalyst 3750 supports cross-stack EtherChannel® as well as Cross-Stack UplinkFast (with subsecond
failover), and cross-stack equal cost routes across different switches in the stack. These features eliminate the need of
relying on HSRP for router failures. In the case of Master switch failure, another Master switch takes over with
minimal disruption within 2 to 3 seconds.

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