Event tracking is a feature available only in the newer tracking code (ga.js) that you can use to track user-clicks on your pages separately from pageviews. For example, if you have a gadget on your page and you want to know how many times a user clicks on it, you can tag the gadget using EventTracking calls. All activity on that gadget appears in the Event Tracking section of the Analyticsreports. In addition, Event Tracking totals are calculated separately from pageview totals. This provides a separate tally of total pageviews from total events.

By contrast, if you are using the older urchin.js tracking code to record events such as user-clicks, you must create a virtual URL which tracks events as special page views. With this method, eventmetrics are calculated with other pageview metrics.

Use event tracking to track:

  • Any Flash-driven element, like a Flash website, or a Flash Movie player
  • Embedded AJAX page elements
  • Page gadgets
  • File downloads
  • Load times for data

To find your Event Tracking reports, navigate to the Content section of your reports interface. For detailed documentation on implementing Event Tracking

How touse and enable event tracking

To use Event Tracking, you first must determine what types of web page elements you want as events rather than as pageviews. For example, you might prefer to track user interaction on an embedded movie as an event rather than as a pageview. You then tag those page elements using using the_trackEvent() method in the code of your page. This allows Google Analytics to track user interaction on those elements as they occur. The data for your events will then appear in your reports (underneath the Content section).

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