A NetScaler resides between the clients and the servers, so that client request sand server responses pass through it. In a typical installation, virtual servers(vservers) configured on the NetScaler provide connection points that clients use to access the applications behind the NetScaler. In this case, the NetScaler owns public IP addresses that are associated with its vservers, while the real servers are isolated in a private network. It is also possible to operate the NetScaler in a transparent mode as an L2 bridge or L3 router, or even to combine aspects ofthese and other modes.

Inline Deployment

In a less common version of one-arm mode, only one network interface of  the NetScaler is connected to an Ethernet segment. The NetScaler in this case does not isolate the client and server sides of the network, but provides access to applications through configured vservers. This version of one-arm mode can simplify network changes needed for NetScaler installation in someenvironments.

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