Why Google is Crawling very high from last few days

I recently noticed that last few days my companies  site is crawling very high by Google. This lead to a failure of our systems in the week end for few minutes.  The increase of Google crawl traffic was unprecedent and went up to 4 times of the normall rate. Before it was 1 to 2 lac URL per day .The same increased to almost 8Lac per day now.

I checked with some of my friends in the SEO industry and came to know that this phenomena  is common for almost all the sites. What is the reason behind this sudden surge of the crawl rate by Google.

The one reason i came to know is that Google is competing with Bing. Bing had changed some of its settings and increased crawl rate on every site because of lack of content in the Bing Search engine.  So Google as well as changed and want to update contents from every site.

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