Wireless Network Security is so important in todays world because of so many reasons. One of the reasons is your network being hacked and your network resources being used for illegal activities . Wireless security is the prevention of unauthorized access  to your network resources  or damage to computers using wireless networks.

Nowadays we come across so many incidents, where people send thread mails by hacking in to some one else wireless network.Why is it happening and how to prevent it? So here is the answer to all your questions.

Quite often we do not know the need for wireless security or we completely ignore it. As big companies try to promote their products, we ignore the security issues as we blindly trust on our branded wireless products.

You should consider the following Points for Securing your Wireless Network,

  • First up all change the password of your Access Point, By default the device is having a common password like “password”, Try to to give a password in alphanumerical and also give a special character.
  • Turn on WEP/WPA Encryption, Encryption technology scrambles messages sent over wireless networks so that they cannot be easily read by humans.
  • Chnage the default SSID,  Access points and routers all use a network name called the SSID.  The manufactures keep same SSID for all the Devices.
  • Disable SSID Broadcast, what this mean, when u go to a Airport or public place you can see that your smartphone or laptop gives you a notification that WiFi found, that happens because there is a setting in your access point where you can enable SSID broadcasting or Disable it.
  • Enable MAC Address filtering, By this you can give access to those devices whose MAC Address is given in the Access Point.
  • Give Static IP Address to all the Devices in your Network, so that if some how a hacker gain access to your Network then also it will difficult for him to determine the ip address of your network.
  • Switch of your Access point when you are not using .

A video on Why you should protect your wireless network with WPA

How To Secure Your Wireless Network

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