Let’s say your application has several pages and you want to set up the ability to navigate from one page to the next.  JDeveloper will help you define ADF Task Flows and will let you “draw” connections from one page to the next.  This automatically sets up the ability for one page to navigate to another page.

I had 5 pages or views and needed to make sure that any page could go to any other page.  Using the task flow tool which was editing my adf-config.xml file I “drew” all my connections resulting in this:
I seem to be building a star topology here…. not pretty, not maintainable if I should later add more pages.  So what to do?  Use Wildcard Controls instead.   By dragging a “Wildcard Control Flow Rule” off the right hand panel and dropping it into my design view, I can now create a “*” entry.  I then draw my control flows from this “*” entry to each of my pages.  Now I can have any page navigate to any other page and greatly simplify my setup.
To navigate between pages, you can now use any of the named paths.  For example, if you have a button on one of your pages, you can set the “Action” value to be “goToPolicyView” and the press of this button will take you to the new target view.

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