Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0 Launches

Yahoo’s Zimbra enterprise collaboration software division Sept. 30 formally released Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0, which borrows features from Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Calendar.

The suite’s e-mail client adds a three-pane view and multiple compose tabs to make it easier to click between e-mail messages and calendar content. The latter feature is one that Yahoo Mail has had for quite some time and Zimbra has adapted it.

Other improvements to ZCS 6.0 include an automatic spell checker, better file and sharing management, customized rules and filters on e-mails, and the ability to sort e-mail messages by size or attach any file from Zimbra Briefcase to e-mail.

Continuing Yahoo’s companywide theme for opening its application platforms to external development, ZCS 6.0 opened up its Zimlets mashup APIs to allow programmers to build applications directly within the collaboration suite.

Source: eweek.com

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